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Fertility Implications Counselling

At Lively Lifestyles Psychology, we understand the challenges that many patients face when going through their fertility journey. We can offer emotional support throughout your ART (Assisted Reproductive Treatment) process, as well as provide implications counselling. 

IVF Counselling

The world of IVF and trying to conceive can come with many emotions, and challenges. Whether you are accessing treatment as a single person or in a couple, treatment can have its own set of challenges. 

Patients can experience quite a wide array of emotions, ranging from excitement, fear, worry, and grief.

At Lively Lifestyles Psychology, we offer:

  • IVF implications counselling

  • Donor gametes implications counselling (with donors and recipients)

  • Support counselling throughout the ART treatment process.

To enquire about implications counselling, please contact us via email so that we can provide you with further information.

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