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Perinatal Psychology

The perinatal journey comes with many challenges. For some, the challenges may relate to conception, infertility, and the emotional impacts of assisted reproductive treatment. For others the challenges may regard the devastating emotional effects of miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss. The postnatal period is a time of adjustment, and rediscovering who you are as not only a new parent, but what this means for you as an individual. For couples, it might be about navigating the dynamics of parenthood together, and how this fits in to the relationship. Below are a list of issues that may arise in the perinatal period.

Fertility & Conception

  • ​Conception Difficulties

  • Fertility-related Depression & Anxiety

  • Emotional & Psychosocial Impacts of IVF & Assisted Reproductive Treatment

  • Fear of Pregnancy/Childbirth (known as Tokophobia)

Grief & Loss

  • ​Miscarriage

  • Stillbirth

  • Neonatal Loss

  • Infant Loss

Postnatal & Parenting

Pregnancy & Birth

  • ​Decision-making around Pregnancy

  • Difficult Foetal Diagnoses

  • Antenatal Depression & Anxiety

  • Worrying & Obsessive Thoughts

  • Birth Trauma

  • Gender Disappointment

  • Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

  • Adjustment & Managing Feelings of Overwhelm

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Parenting of Infants & Toddlers

  • Pregnancy after Loss

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